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Hot Off the Drafting Table ...

I took a rare excursion into translating Spanish and I kind of like what happened.

This Machado poem has been translated into English many times, leaving me free to try a few variations on the more faithful version I might have done otherwise.

I think it's a gorgeous poem, and I hope the English version serves it well.

Summer Night


It’s a lovely summer night.

In the tall houses

the balconies are open

to the old village with its spacious plaza.

In the broad deserted rectangle

stone benches, symmetrical

creepers and acacias engrave

their black shadows on the white sand.

Overhead, the moon, and in the tower,

the illuminated face of the clock.

And I, passing alone through

this old village, like a ghost.

Noche de verano


Es una hermosa noche de verano.
Tienen las altas casas
abiertos los balcones
del viejo pueblo a la anchurosa plaza.
En el amplio rectángulo desierto,
bancos de piedra, evónimos y acacias
simétricos dibujan
sus negras sombras en la arena blanca.
En el cénit, la luna, y en la torre,
la esfera del reloj iluminada.
Yo en este viejo pueblo paseando
solo, como un fantasma.


Antonio Machado

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