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Winding up the tour (for now!)

The Grand Tour is over at last. The Volcano by Anna Dodas has been launched in four cities in three countries, including a reading in the Scottish National Poetry Library and a reading in Barcelona attended by Anna's family. It's been such a fine experience, and I have Clive Boutle (of Francis Boutle Publishers) to thank for it. He accepted the book; he edited the book at the word level; he published the book; he made the arrangements for the readings; and best of all, he welcomed me into his London home when the reading was at Bookmarks in Bloomsbury Street.

Here he is in his garden. I can't wait to spend time with him again, I hope in the pub where George Orwell drank again--we're hoping duringThe Grand Tour Part Two, when we launch Maria-Merce Marcal's Bruixa de dol/Witch in Mourning later in the fall!

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